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Real Estate Closing Survival Guide – Part II

Real Estate Closing Survival Guide – Part II

Some closings are actually two closings depending on the area (State/County) you close in. You’ll be
closing on the purchase of real estate, and you’ll be closing on the mortgage loan you are taking to buy that real estate. Some documents are common to most closings, and other documents will be unique to your area or situation. Read the rest of this entry

Title insurance office funnies…….

Some days we just need a good laugh!

Where is my “title”???

haha property guidingJust the other day, we received a call from an old client of ours that we did a closing on back in 2010. Her question to us was, “I have yet to receive the title to my home, and can you send me it?” Now hearing this, we asked if she had her owner’s policy and deed to her home. Her response was yes, but no title. We then went on to explain to her that a title to a home is not like a title to a car and that her owner’s policy was the “title” and warranty deed was the official transfer. After about an hour of re-explaining again and again, we think she finally got it! Read the rest of this entry