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Vocabulary Lesson 5

Wills – Trusts – Estates…WHAT?!
vocabulary property guiding
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Homestead and “Wildcard” Exemptions in Bankruptcy

Part III

In the last two weeks we discussed some basic bankruptcy concepts as well as Florida’s Homestead and Personal Property exemptions. With any luck, this week’s discussion will hopefully tie the last two blogs together and shed some light on the proverbial “big picture.” That being said, I urge you to review my previous two blogs beforehand. Also, if time permits, my “Homestead” blogs will help clarify this as well.   Read the rest of this entry

Your Home in a Ch.7 Bankruptcy…

This week we will be discussing some bankruptcy fundamentals as a prerequisite to the upcoming blogs about Florida exemptions and when not having equity in your home can actually be a “good” thing. Read the rest of this entry

Vocab – Lesson 2

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