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Title insurance office funnies…….

Some days we just need a good laugh!

Where is my “title”???

haha property guidingJust the other day, we received a call from an old client of ours that we did a closing on back in 2010. Her question to us was, “I have yet to receive the title to my home, and can you send me it?” Now hearing this, we asked if she had her owner’s policy and deed to her home. Her response was yes, but no title. We then went on to explain to her that a title to a home is not like a title to a car and that her owner’s policy was the “title” and warranty deed was the official transfer. After about an hour of re-explaining again and again, we think she finally got it! Read the rest of this entry

How to start your Mortgage

I wanted to start this blog with helpful hints to start your mortgage. Information you will need to have ready, common questions to ask, and what to expect as the next step. At this point you have found the perfect home that fits your pre qualified budget. It is time to start the mortgage application process. You should be in contact with your loan office and set up an appointment. Read the rest of this entry

FLORIDA DEEDS PART II – Special Warranty Deeds are not as “special” as you may think.

Last week, we discussed the three most common types of deeds used in Florida when buying or selling a home.  I also explained the “warranties” that are the inherent protections which are embedded in a General Warranty Deed and why these protections make it the preferred deed to use when purchasing real estate. This week we will examine the effects of transferring title to real estate by Special Warranty Deed. Before we begin, bear in mind that when buying or selling a home, know what type of deed will be used in the transaction and verify its inclusion in any purchase or sale agreement. Read the rest of this entry