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Uh-oh! Seller Concessions MISHAP!

I heard yet another story this week that made my jaw drop.  So, of course, I just had to share it with you!  Most home loans, with exception of a very few, require a down payment.  This down payment is considered a “minimum cash investment”, which is required by Lender.  Seems pretty fair to me!  Well, unless you know all the rules and regs, it can get pretty dicey.  Any typical buyer isn’t going to know all the stipulations of their loan, but most of the details will be explained to them by their loan officer and Realtor.  Unless of course…the loan officer and the Realtor haven’t stayed up on continued education.  <Cue the dramatic music> Read the rest of this entry

Do I or Don’t I??? Applications for Associations

As a title agent, this is a subject matter I run into and want to inform you, the buyer and the buyer’s agent, of. Though we, as a title company, handle multiple different things for you for a closing, the one thing we can’t do is fill out or submit your application to a Homeowner/Condo Association or management company. Read the rest of this entry