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The “Good Funds” Rule – Paying the title company

The “Good Funds” Rule – Paying the title company

So, last week we spoke about what form of payment a title company would accept and why according to the FR/FB Contract. Now, just so you do not think I just want to talk and tell you everything I know about this, the Florida Administrative Code has set this ruling out! Read the rest of this entry

How do I get a re-issue rate (discount) on my title insurance?

The requirements to obtain the re-issue or reduced rate for your title insurance (in Florida) are pretty straight forward.  You only need your prior title policy for the identical land involved in the current transaction, so long as you are the person on title. The reissue rates are described out below.  You are entitled to the reissue rate whether the new transaction is insured by the prior insurer or a new insurer. For a sale/purchase the policy must be within 3 years to date, for a refinance the policy never expires for a discount! Read the rest of this entry