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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

In certain areas of Florida, having flood insurance is required for a home mortgage by the lender if any portion of the parcel is located within a high risk flood area.  For some consumers who have never carried a flood insurance policy before, this can be a different process from what they have been accustomed to through carrying a hazard insurance policy.  Let’s examine the aspects of carrying a flood insurance policy. Read the rest of this entry

Understanding Homeowners Insurance in the Home Loan Process

There are several important steps in the home loan process, one of those required steps is obtaining homeowner’s insurance.  Below is a basic idea of the insurance process, and how the coverage’s work.
Understanding Homeowner’s insurance: Read the rest of this entry

National Flood Insurance Program Extended Five Years

Title Junction wants to keep the community aware of any new or updated laws that Congress passes and as of June 29, 2012, they extended the National Flood Insurance Program. Read the rest of this entry