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Taxes, Taxes, and less tax when refinancing!

Taxes, Taxes, and less tax when refinancing!

Are you refinancing? Then you may be able to save a few dollars or even a few hundred dollars. So, there are rules, and most of us do not know them unless we are told or instructed of them. Well here you now have the upper hand in asking and possibly getting (or keeping) more money in your pocket! Read the rest of this entry

What am I truly paying in my Mortgage Payment?

Many times in the process of the loan application we forget to answer the most basic questions, and many times the simple answer’s help to understand the process a little better.  For example:  Mortgage payment?  How is the payment separated out, when is it due, and how do they decide who has to have mortgage insurance and who doesn’t.  Below are just a few interesting facts about the “mortgage payment”. Read the rest of this entry