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Time to Refinance

Time to Refinance

Mortgage Warehouse has been a leader in mortgage refinancing since 2003, helping families save thousands of dollars each year by reducing their interest rates, monthly payments, and reducing the term of their mortgage. Simply put, the best thing for homeowners interested in refinancing to do is to contact any of our loan professionals for a 100% free analysis. Read the rest of this entry

Promissory Note, Mortgage, and Deed

Practicing law in Southwest Florida, especially in this day in age, I find myself routinely explaining the differences between a Promissory Note, Mortgage, and Deed. This week, I will briefly review each of these documents as well as their legal effect.

First, a Deed is the legal document that is used to transfer ownership of real property. In Florida, it must be written, signed, and witnessed by two individuals. Every Deed should be recorded in the public records in the county where the property is located. The recording of the Deed notifies the world that you are the owner of the property. An unrecorded deed is vulnerable to being lost or destroyed, being made invalid, or made subordinate to any future lien that may be placed against the property. Read the rest of this entry

Taxes, Taxes, and less tax when refinancing!

Taxes, Taxes, and less tax when refinancing!

Are you refinancing? Then you may be able to save a few dollars or even a few hundred dollars. So, there are rules, and most of us do not know them unless we are told or instructed of them. Well here you now have the upper hand in asking and possibly getting (or keeping) more money in your pocket! Read the rest of this entry

Can’t refinance? Consider ‘recasting’ instead!

If you’ve found that a refinance isn’t for you, there may be another option for lowering your monthly mortgage payments — if you can pull together some cash. Read the rest of this entry

Pay off your mortgage early?

By Kara’s Guest Blogger, Judy Martel ·

It might seem like an insurmountable task, but paying off your mortgage early can be done. The question is, should you? The answer depends on many factors, including other household debt, investments, mortgage rates and age of the homeowners. But for those in the position to do so, the satisfaction of ditching a long-term debt is hard to beat. Read the rest of this entry