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Defending Against Garnishment

Defending Against Garnishment

Last year, I helped an individual whose wages were being garnished, and I was shocked to see a practice which was considered common. In response to my client’s exemption affidavit the attorney for the creditor signed an affidavit in opposition on behalf of their clients. Read the rest of this entry

Buying Your Home

Buying Your Home

I don’t care if it’s your first home or your ninth home, when buying real estate, you should ALWAYS consult with a Realtor. A good real estate agent is like a property detective. They research neighborhoods, schools, and HOAs. Looking at homes on the internet is fine, and can really assist a home buyer in figuring out what their needs are: however, can you tell if many of the homes in the community are rentals by looking at the internet? No, you cannot. What about obtaining and reading the HOA docs and understanding all that is written in them? That is a big undertaking. Read the rest of this entry

Buying Real Estate 101

Buying Real Estate 101

When is the right time to buy real estate? Well that all depends upon what your purpose is. Are you buying real estate for your personal residence or as an investment property? If you are buying as a personal residence, your motives are quite different, and you should be thinking about your needs. Timing may be an issue, but hopefully it is not the motivating factor as your dream home may be over looked in your haste. Read the rest of this entry

Can my mortgage company foreclose during my short sale?

Can my mortgage company foreclose during my short sale?

The answer is yes, they can start foreclosure, but why would they do it?  This is normally a situation where one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. The bank/ mortgage company/mortgage servicer can start a foreclosure proceeding at any time once the homeowner goes into default.  Normally, a homeowner starts the short sale process once they have already defaulted, so the foreclosure process can begin at any time.   Read the rest of this entry

Condo Associations Million Dollar Windfall!

Condo Associations Million Dollar Windfall!

Recently I read an article about a foreclosure in Aventura, Florida. Actually there were two foreclosures. The first one was a foreclosure by the condominium association. This foreclosure came about because the owner stopped paying his homeowners fees on his million dollar condo. Naturally, the condo association foreclosed, obtained title to the property and proceeded to rent the condo out. Read the rest of this entry