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What is Mortgage Insurance…and do I need it?!

I was reading a very interesting article about mortgage insurance and wanted to share it.  I think this is a perfect answer the the question that I have gotten for many years about “Mortgage Insurance” and what it is for: Read the rest of this entry

Who Typically Pays For What At The Closing?

Below I have compiled a list of what is typically paid by each party in a real estate transaction. Depending on what county you are in will depend on who pays for these fees. This information may assist you in knowing what fees are involved when negotiating your real estate transaction.closing costs property guiding Read the rest of this entry

Your Worst Real Estate NIGHTMARE!

This is one of those stories that you may not actually believe unless you heard it directly from the person himself.  And, even hearing from him…my jaw didn’t want to lift from the floor!  I had dinner with a client last week and he divulged an embarrassing and horrific story of a real estate deal gone wrong.  It’s the very essence of WHY we buy title insurance.  However, in this case, it didn’t help him… Read the rest of this entry

Do I or Don’t I??? Applications for Associations

As a title agent, this is a subject matter I run into and want to inform you, the buyer and the buyer’s agent, of. Though we, as a title company, handle multiple different things for you for a closing, the one thing we can’t do is fill out or submit your application to a Homeowner/Condo Association or management company. Read the rest of this entry

Buyer’s Closing Costs vs. Seller’s Closing Costs

If you’ve read Jennifer’s blogs, you know the definition of closings costs.  Certain fees are automatically assigned to either the buyer or the seller; other costs are either negotiable or dictated by local custom.  Since we have many transients in Florida, I get asked about this a lot.  Here’s what you can expect: Read the rest of this entry