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Lee County Property Tax Calculator

Lee County Property Tax Calculator

This Tax Estimator is a tool for prospective home buyers for estimating what the taxes will be on a particular piece of property. As with any such tool we are making assumptions about the future nature of the real estate market and what tax rates will be assessed by the various taxing authorities in Lee County. Please note the following: Read the rest of this entry

Pros and Cons of Mortgage Escrow Accounts – Part II

Continued from last week.

Downfalls of mortgage escrow accounts

There are several downfalls to escrow accounts. Basically, you are paying someone to do something you could do yourself (make payments on a schedule). Other downfalls occur when escrow accounts don’t work properly, when there is an overage or shortage, and due to missed opportunity cost. Read the rest of this entry

Short Sales can be ruined by…

When purchasing a short sale, isn’t the title free and clear? Could liens present a problem? Oh, boy the questions you think and maybe don’t ask!! The answers to any of your questions can be Yes, or Yes, or No!! So how do I know?? Read the rest of this entry

What am I truly paying in my Mortgage Payment?

Many times in the process of the loan application we forget to answer the most basic questions, and many times the simple answer’s help to understand the process a little better.  For example:  Mortgage payment?  How is the payment separated out, when is it due, and how do they decide who has to have mortgage insurance and who doesn’t.  Below are just a few interesting facts about the “mortgage payment”. Read the rest of this entry

Florida’s Real Estate Constitutional Amendments: What Passed, What Didn’t and What That Means

The Nov. 6 ballot was one of the largest Florida voters have ever seen.  There were 5 proposed real estate constitutional amendments up for consideration.  Amendments require a 60 percent or higher approval rate to pass.

Based on results calculated by the state’s Division of Elections, here’s what passed and what didn’t at of 1 a.m. Nov. 7: Read the rest of this entry