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What makes a Power of Attorney “Durable?”

What makes a Power of Attorney “Durable?”

After October 1st, 2011, it takes a lot more.

Florida recognizes several types of Powers of Attorney (POA’s). When you sign a General or Limited Power of Attorney, you (the principal) are legally giving someone else (your agent) the authority to act on your behalf.  However, a Power of Attorney terminates if the principal becomes incapacitated. This is where a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) comes into play. Read the rest of this entry

How to Guide: Real Estate Closings – Part III

Who would have believed there was so much to do or remember??

If there is a power of attorney for either party, the buyer or seller, notify the title company as soon as possible. They need to review the power of attorney for accuracy and durability. Read the rest of this entry

Vocab – Lesson 3

vocabulary property guidingA little cheat sheet to help you understand some of the types of documents you might see at your closing. Read the rest of this entry

Refinancing? Yes… need Title Insurance

Yes… need Title Insurance

So, I have often been asked the question……why do I have to pay for title insurance again? I thought I was told it is one-time fee for the life of the ownership of the home? Read the rest of this entry

13 Reasons Why You NEED Title Insurance

Many first time buyers ask, why do we need Title Insurance?
What are the benefits?
Here are very important reasons, why you need Title Insurance: Read the rest of this entry