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HUD-1 settlement statement – Your guide – simplified

One of the key documents is the HUD-1, ( ) a government-mandated statement that breaks down the costs of the transaction.

Depending on the city or county, buyers and sellers, borrower’s might receive more than one HUD-1 before closing so they can track new information and changes as the loan progresses. The final HUD-1 will be issued at closing or in your closing package. Read the rest of this entry

Should I refinance my current mortgage now?

I have had the question ” should I refinance now” several times and want to send out some basic information about refinancing.  First,  even with a reduced interest rate you need to make sure you look at the complete picture.  Many companies are encouraging everyone to refinance because rates are so low.  Well, let’s remember there are costs associated with refinancing and your term can come into play too. Read the rest of this entry

Commonly overlooked home tax deductions

Many tax breaks accompany homeownership, and noting each can add thousands of dollars to an IRS tax refund. Consulting with a local tax preparer can help you take advantage of the wide variety of tax breaks available. Below are some commonly overlooked home tax deductions: Read the rest of this entry