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Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers, Florida…What a Great Place to Live!

Fort Myers is the county seat and commercial center of Lee County, Florida, United States. Its population was 62,298 in the 2010 census,a 29.23 percent increase over the 2000 figure.

The city is one of two major cities that make up the Cape Coral-Fort Myers Metropolitan Statistical Area, the other being Cape Coral. The 2010 population for the metropolitan area was 618,754. Read the rest of this entry

Questions I Get Frequently Asked

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“I want a house in a GOOD AREA!”

Ah, yes, the common “criteria” for most buyers when they first talk to their agent.  As soon as I hear that, alarms go off in my head.  Not because they’ve done anything wrong, but because (unbeknownst to them) I’m being set up for failure.  We all want a house in a “good area”, right?!  However, not only is this completely subjective but depending on my response to that person, it’s illegal. Read the rest of this entry