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“Independent” Insurance Adjusters: Do not be fooled!

“Independent” Insurance Adjusters: Do not be fooled!

In last week’s article, we discussed having a dispute with your own insurance company regarding payment of a property damage claim. This week, we will continue the topic and talk about who assesses the damage to begin with. Today, we will discuss insurance adjusters, their role, and where their allegiance’s lie. Read the rest of this entry

Insurance Claim Disputes: Make THEM Pay to Even the Odds

Insurance Claim Disputes:  Make THEM Pay to Even the Odds

Earlier this week, I had an issue with my smart phone and went to the nearest authorized dealer for repair. Although I did not need a new phone, I asked some questions about my insurance policy. I quickly did the math and realized that I had paid over $400 in insurance payments on this particular phone, and if I needed to make an insurance claim for a replacement, I would be required to pay an additional $100 deductible. That’s over $500 for a phone that only probably costs them $100. Not only would I be paying 5 times the costs of the replacement, I would also be receiving a refurbished phone, not a new one.  Read the rest of this entry

A Florida Overview on Handyman Liability

We all have hired a handyman to do work around our home in the past. But, hiring a handyman may end up being anything but “handy,” for you and the handyman alike.

If you are planning on having some work done, whether minor or major, I would strongly recommend looking into whether there are license or permit requirements for the type of work contemplated. If there is a license requirement, a general handyman would not be permitted to perform that task. For more information, you can visit the Florida Department of Business Professional Regulation at . Read the rest of this entry

How to Guide: Real Estate Closings – Part III

Who would have believed there was so much to do or remember??

If there is a power of attorney for either party, the buyer or seller, notify the title company as soon as possible. They need to review the power of attorney for accuracy and durability. Read the rest of this entry


Escrow as Earnest Money

 Earnest money, also known as escrow, refers to the money a buyer includes with their purchase offer to indicate to the seller that they are serious about purchasing the property.  Yet, that is not the only use of the word. It can be used as a verb or a noun, even an adjective. It is used as a noun, as it is defined previously. As a verb, it means to place an item into an account. And to be used as an adjective, you may hear the term “escrow agency”, a company that has fiduciary responsibilities over a transaction.  For the purpose of this blog, it means earnest money. Read the rest of this entry