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Fiddlesticks Country Club – Fort Myers, FL 33912

Fiddlesticks Country Club – Fort Myers, FL 33912 | Gated Community Spotlight

From its inception, Fiddlesticks Country Club has been a rare jewel in southwest Florida and a wonderful place to call home. Comprised of approximately 600 households, every resident is an Equity Member with an equal interest in the pride and care of this treasure. The club is member-owned, operated and debt free. Fiddlesticks is a community you can count on now and for generations to come. Read the rest of this entry

Lee County, Florida took the #1 Spot!

Lee County, Florida took the #1 Spot!

In one of my previous blogs, “Why is Southwest Florida a great place to live?”, I talked about all the reasons why people love it here! Does there really need to be an explanation?  It’s funny when I interact with out-of-state buyers that are “on the fence” about moving.  I get comments like, “Well, we’re just going to come look” or “It may take a few trips over the next year or so to truly make a decision”.  It doesn’t take long once they step foot off that plane!  Read the rest of this entry

Banyan Bay – Fort Myers, FL 33908

Banyan Bay – Fort Myers, FL 33908 | Community Spotlight

Banyan Bay is a small gated community, located in South Fort Myers off of Winkler Road and South of Summerlin Road. It consists of only 132 single-family homes.  The residents here enjoy views of lakes and conservation areas.  Bayon Bay, originally developed by Ryland Homes and now D R Horton, is quickly approaching completion with very little inventory available. Read the rest of this entry

Bank Statement Review

I wanted to start this blog out with questions about the bank statements you have to turn in to your broker.  Over the past 2 months I have had several questions about the reason for the bank statements and more importantly the reason for the review of each deposit that goes into your bank account.  Read the rest of this entry

West Palm Beach Woman Rents Out Someone Else’s Foreclosed Home

Last week we spoke about the mansion that was being occupied by a Boca Raton man. Recall that he was claiming rightful ownership of the home through Florida’s adverse possession laws. Last week, there was a report of a woman in Palm Beach County staking her rights under the same adverse possession laws.  Here is the kicker, not only did she possess the home, she rented it out to unsuspecting tenants on Craigslist and pocketed more than $13,000 in the process! Unfortunately, for her, just like the man in Boca Raton, her plan was foiled short of the seven (7) year statutory requirement.  Read the article below for more information. Read the rest of this entry