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The “One-Sheet” that EVERY home buyer needs!

These days it seems like every house you view needs some kind of work.  You view home after home and as you walk through the $$$ just keeps piling up in your head.  The problem is, most home buyers don’t actually take the extra step and sit down to write accurate estimates of what repairs/upgrades would cost.  I’ve seen buyers time and time again say, “this property just needs too much work!” without even doing their research.  This is where my handy-dandy “one-sheet” comes in!  Every buyer should be equipped with this as you’re viewing homes.  This will help you make a more educated decision when finding the home that’s right for you.  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

Technology & House Hunting – The search has never been so easy!

technology home search property guidingTechnology is all around us.  It helps us in everyday life with just about everything we do.  It’s hard to imagine a life without anything & everything at our fingers tips, isn’t it?  Did you know that 94% of consumers start their home search online with 78% of those people are searching on their mobile devices?  The real estate industry has kept up with those consumer demands by offering a variety of interactive applications for your smart phones and other mobile devices.  Below are some valuable FREE apps that I use on a regular basis.  If you’re thinking about buying a home, you’ll want to get these apps! Read the rest of this entry

“I Want it All!”

Straight from the famous Queen lyrics!  We want it all and want it now!  Don’t we?!  You might be starting your home search and think that you’re pretty level-headed about what you want.  Most people do.  I did too when I was looking for my last home.  When I ask someone what they’re looking for, it makes me chuckle after minutes go by and they suddenly realize their list kept getting longer and longer and longer!  Read the rest of this entry