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Is renting cheaper than owning?

That’s the age old question.  Because of today’s growing rental market, I thought it was appropriate to discuss this topic.  This week, I had the opportunity to be a mentor for young ladies in the Girls Going Places program. It’s a GREAT organization that teaches young girls, ages 12-18, how to be financially independent and explore entrepreneurism and leadership in the business world.   During this big one-day event, the girls have to create a business plan, start a business (or choose a career) and budget their lifestyle.  Read the rest of this entry

Commonly overlooked home tax deductions

Many tax breaks accompany homeownership, and noting each can add thousands of dollars to an IRS tax refund. Consulting with a local tax preparer can help you take advantage of the wide variety of tax breaks available. Below are some commonly overlooked home tax deductions: Read the rest of this entry