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Questions to ask when selecting a title company – Part II

3. How is my investment protected?

It is important not only to protect the clients’ funds, but also to protect their investment into the future.

It is absolutely fitting for Realtors and homebuyers to inquire about an underwriter’s financial rating—and a reputable title company will be glad you asked. Read the rest of this entry

Questions to ask when selecting a title company – Part I

Part I

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) allows homebuyers/sellers to choose their own title company, yet the title and closing process is puzzling to the average consumer.  Homebuyers devote 2-7% of the cost of their home on closing costs, most are not clear about what those costs include, who they are hiring, how much they are even spending, or why.   Read the rest of this entry

Scams on short sale approvals

short sale scam property guidingBogus letters result in $10 million in losses
Local homeowners and title insurance companies are being warned about possible mortgage fraud that involves bogus short sale approval letters from Bank of America.

Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, one of the largest title insurance underwriters in Florida, sent an alert last week, saying scammers are mimicking the lending giant’s approval letters, including similar language and the bank’s logo. Read the rest of this entry

First Time Homebuyer Credit RECALL!!

It was 2009, you just bought your first home.  You were on cloud 9!  You got your cake and ate it too because you took advantage of the First Time Homebuyer Credit.  Now, fast forward to 2012.  Your house is worth half of what you paid for it, your spouse lost his or her job and you’re struggling to put food on the table.  You’re unable to make your mortgage payment and in your best long term interest, you choose to Short Sale your home.  In steps me.   I list your home, find you a buyer and successfully negotiate an approved short sale.  Then, the bomb is dropped…  You took advantage of the First Time Homebuyer Credit and just now thought to tell me.  Unfortunately, this CANNOT be mitigated.  You need to know this whether you’re going through a foreclosure, short sale or traditional resale.  Read the rest of this entry