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Florida’s Real Estate Constitutional Amendments: What Passed, What Didn’t and What That Means

The Nov. 6 ballot was one of the largest Florida voters have ever seen.  There were 5 proposed real estate constitutional amendments up for consideration.  Amendments require a 60 percent or higher approval rate to pass.

Based on results calculated by the state’s Division of Elections, here’s what passed and what didn’t at of 1 a.m. Nov. 7: Read the rest of this entry

Recording Your Deed: Florida’s Requirements

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of recording your deed in the county in which the property is located. We will discuss why it is so important in a future article. Suffice it to say for now, that the act of recording your deed is crucial to protecting your property rights. Read the rest of this entry

Homestead and “Wildcard” Exemptions in Bankruptcy

Part III

In the last two weeks we discussed some basic bankruptcy concepts as well as Florida’s Homestead and Personal Property exemptions. With any luck, this week’s discussion will hopefully tie the last two blogs together and shed some light on the proverbial “big picture.” That being said, I urge you to review my previous two blogs beforehand. Also, if time permits, my “Homestead” blogs will help clarify this as well.   Read the rest of this entry

Deficiency Laws in Florida

Deficiency Laws in Florida

As discussed in my previous blogs, deficiency judgments in Florida are a very real concern that should not be taken lightly. Many homeowners are ill informed and believe that if they walk away from their home and give it up in foreclosure, then that’s the end of the problem. Unfortunately, they would be sorely mistaken as it could just be the start of their troubles. Read the rest of this entry

Can my HOA really evict MY tenants?

Maybe. You didn’t think the answer would be that simple, did you?

Under Florida Statutes 720.3085 & 718.116, HOA’s and condo associations now have the right to demand rent payments directly from tenants when the property owner has fallen behind in their assessments. Many tenants are forced into a very uncomfortable and awkward position.  Do they pay the HOA as demanded, or do they continue to pay the landlord? Read the rest of this entry