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Mortgage Rate Volatility Follows Election

I ran across this article this week after the election and thought it would be of interest:

Mortgage rates along with the financial markets in general are experiencing significant volatility in the aftermath of the US elections.  While we know who will be President and the makeup of Congress we are now facing the urgency of getting things done in light of the impending tax increases and automatic spending increases known as the fiscal cliff.  On top of that is a looming debt ceiling crisis and worsening economic conditions in Europe.  Today rates appear to be headed slightly higher based on early trading.  Why? Read the rest of this entry

Florida’s Real Estate Constitutional Amendments: What Passed, What Didn’t and What That Means

The Nov. 6 ballot was one of the largest Florida voters have ever seen.  There were 5 proposed real estate constitutional amendments up for consideration.  Amendments require a 60 percent or higher approval rate to pass.

Based on results calculated by the state’s Division of Elections, here’s what passed and what didn’t at of 1 a.m. Nov. 7: Read the rest of this entry