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13 Reasons Why You NEED Title Insurance

Many first time buyers ask, why do we need Title Insurance?
What are the benefits?
Here are very important reasons, why you need Title Insurance: Read the rest of this entry


By understanding what title insurance is and what it covers, it can be the most important piece of your new home purchase! Title Insurance may seem like an extra expense, which just doesn’t seem worth it, especially after the expensive undertaking of the purchase of the home, paid escrow funds, realtor fees, fees for property taxes, inspections and for a title search. But in the end, title insurance does exist for good reason, it is a smart move on the buyers part. Read the rest of this entry


Over the past few weeks we have discussed some of the most common types of deeds used to transfer ownership of real estate in Florida. One of the most common deeds is that of a “Quitclaim” Deed; it is not “Quick Claim,” or Quit Claim.” The proper legal term is “Quitclaim”, one word. Read the rest of this entry