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Condo Associations Million Dollar Windfall!

Condo Associations Million Dollar Windfall!

Recently I read an article about a foreclosure in Aventura, Florida. Actually there were two foreclosures. The first one was a foreclosure by the condominium association. This foreclosure came about because the owner stopped paying his homeowners fees on his million dollar condo. Naturally, the condo association foreclosed, obtained title to the property and proceeded to rent the condo out. Read the rest of this entry

Understanding Homeowners Insurance in the Home Loan Process

There are several important steps in the home loan process, one of those required steps is obtaining homeowner’s insurance.  Below is a basic idea of the insurance process, and how the coverage’s work.
Understanding Homeowner’s insurance: Read the rest of this entry

Tips for a Smooth Closing for the Buyer

Sold Property Guiding 2 Read the rest of this entry

SIMPLE BUYER Q and A – to help with closing

Closing Property GuidingWho will call me to schedule an appointment for my closing?

Normally the title company will call you. However, sometimes your real estate agent will call to make arrangements for your signing.

When can you tell me the amount of funds required to close?

Upon receipt of your loan documents, the title company will contact your real estate agent and/or you to let you know the amount of funds you will need for closing. Read the rest of this entry

Who Typically Pays For What At The Closing?

Below I have compiled a list of what is typically paid by each party in a real estate transaction. Depending on what county you are in will depend on who pays for these fees. This information may assist you in knowing what fees are involved when negotiating your real estate transaction.closing costs property guiding Read the rest of this entry