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Can You Answer “YES” To Any of The Following?

Can You Answer “YES” To Any of The Following?

  • Do you have an FHA loan?

While FHA loans are good for people who don’t have much money for a down payment, they become very expensive to hold on to for the full term of the loan.  I have helped many clients with getting out of an FHA loan and into a much lesser expensive conventional loan product.  This results in saving them thousands of dollars from carrying inflated mortgage insurance premiums.

Time to Refinance

Time to Refinance

Mortgage Warehouse has been a leader in mortgage refinancing since 2003, helping families save thousands of dollars each year by reducing their interest rates, monthly payments, and reducing the term of their mortgage. Simply put, the best thing for homeowners interested in refinancing to do is to contact any of our loan professionals for a 100% free analysis. Read the rest of this entry

Understanding Your HUD Settlement Statement

Understanding Your HUD Settlement Statement

It is not uncommon for buyers and sellers to be confused when trying to understand each line item on their HUD settlement statement.  These items at times can be perplexed when it isn’t something seen everyday.  The HUD settlement statement is basically the receipt for the real estate transaction, so it is very important to have an absolute understand.  Read the rest of this entry

Home Selling Checklist

Title Junction LogoHome Selling Checklist: Read the rest of this entry

The “Good Funds” Rule – Paying the title company

The “Good Funds” Rule – Paying the title company

So, last week we spoke about what form of payment a title company would accept and why according to the FR/FB Contract. Now, just so you do not think I just want to talk and tell you everything I know about this, the Florida Administrative Code has set this ruling out! Read the rest of this entry