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Short Sales and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Short Sales and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Let’s face it bankruptcy complicates everything, Right?

Well, not really. Let’s say you list a home for a short sale. Many times, the homeowner has other financial problems besides the mortgage on his or her home. The homeowner may decide to file for bankruptcy. That’s OK. Your chance to complete the sale is not dead, but it is on hold. Read the rest of this entry

Avoid a Deficiency Judgment: Short Sale, Foreclosure Defense, or Ch. 7 Bankruptcy

Even though the real estate market in SWFL is beginning to show signs of improvement, housing prices are still nowhere near where they need to be. Floridians in particular, are familiar with the term “underwater mortgage,” which describes what many have been facing for years now, home values that are far less than the amount owed. Read the rest of this entry

Your Home in a Ch.7 Bankruptcy…

This week we will be discussing some bankruptcy fundamentals as a prerequisite to the upcoming blogs about Florida exemptions and when not having equity in your home can actually be a “good” thing. Read the rest of this entry