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Landlord’s Beware: “Self Help” Can Cost You Big

Let me start this week’s blog by way of a hypo: A landlord meets a prospective couple interested in renting their single-family home. They seem very nice, well spoken, drive decent cars, have no qualms about first, last, and security, and can seemingly afford the monthly rent. However, regrettably, the landlord agrees to keep the utilities in his/her name because it would have required the tenant to pay a large utility deposit that they could not afford. After a few months into the lease, the nice couple now has 8 people living in the 2/2 home. The property is now being neglected and the rent and utility payments are habitually late if paid at all. The tenants are avoiding the landlord’s calls like the plague and if they do answer, are insolent. They won’t allow access to inspect the home, and start complaining about any and every little thing they can think of.   Read the rest of this entry