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Home Buying Checklist

Home Buying Checklist

Gather as much information as you can. Be an informed buyer.
Familiarize yourself with the mortgage process.
Before you look for a home – Get Pre-Approved. Getting pre-approved helps the entire home buying process.
Be aware of your credit situation. Knowing your credit picture makes it much easier to decide which way to proceed.
Have a budget before you move. Maximize your financial picture.
Find an Agent that you trust. It is important to do this before you go rushing off looking for homes or you may end up with no representation.
Decide on your wants and needs to determine what types of homes you should be considering.
Have general questions about buying a home. Make a list to ask.
House Hunting! Make and keep a scorecard for each property.
When you find an acceptable home, write an offer!
Using the information you have, negotiate your best deal!
Arrange for your home inspection. You will not want to skip this step!
Learn about home warranties and what they cover. This could prove useful.
Secure Homeowners insurance , compare quotes as this is a long term expense.
Arrange for closing agent. Sometimes this is done by the seller. Double check.
If you plan to use a moving company, make comparisons and reserve time now.
Secure final loan approval and commitment from the lending institution. Well on your way to a closing!
Do a final walk through on the home.
Closing day!!!!
Move to your new home and begin enjoying it–you deserve it!

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Owner’s Title Insurance? What?

Owner’s Title Insurance? What?

You have signed a contract offer and are ready to get moving towards closing. So much paperwork, so many fees, realtors, mortgage lenders, title companies – you can’t keep it all straight, not to mention what? Title Insurance? You don’t even know what title insurance is let alone if you need it! Read the rest of this entry

Top 7 Most Expensive Mistakes – When Selling or Buying A Home

Top 7 Most Expensive Mistakes – When Selling or Buying A Home

When it comes to selling or buying a home, what you don’t know can cost you — literally. Whether it’s not doing your research or getting too emotionally involved, making the wrong choices can cost you thousands of dollars.

To avoid this, read on— and don’t commit any of them. Read the rest of this entry

Title Insurance – Trick or Treat?

Title Insurance – Trick or Treat?

What do you want to be for Halloween?  A princess?  A minion?  A homeowner?  Broke?  Owning a home is a sign of maturity, but adults dress up like clowns when they don’t recognize their responsibilities when they own real estate.

You get the keys to your first home and you are all ready to play house.  You decorate for Halloween and give out candy, but are you playing trick or treat with your ownership rights if you don’t have title insurance? Read the rest of this entry

4 Important Tips to Assist a Buyer in a Multiple Offer Situation

4 Important Tips to Assist a Buyer in a Multiple Offer Situation

With home inventory being considerably low coupled with the interest rates being historically low, newly listed homes are being sold within a few days or even hours of being listed!  These newly listed homes are often receiving multiple purchase offers, which is excellent news for sellers. Having multiple offers, on the other hand, is not excellent news for buyers.  It is vital for a buyer that is getting involved in a multiple offer situation, that they have a great real estate agent representing them that has experience with multiple offer situations.  Here we share four important tips to assist that buyer in a multiple offer situation. Read the rest of this entry