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Thermal Infrared Imaging discovers water intrusion

Thermal Infrared Imaging discovers water intrusion.

  An Infrared camera is a cutting edge tool that detects water intrusion, & minute differences in temperature.  This cutting edge technology is not only used for water intrusion, but in insulation inspections and electrical inspections.  Read the rest of this entry

Mold in the Home

Mold in the Home
The first thing to understand about mold is that there is a little mold everywhere – indoors and outdoors.  It is in the air and can be found on plants, foods, dry leaves, and other organic materials.

It is very common to find molds in homes and buildings. After all, molds grow naturally indoors.  Mold spores enter the home through doorways, windows, and heating and air conditioning systems.  Spores also enter the home on animals, clothing, shoes, bags and people. Read the rest of this entry

Stucco cracks lead to water intrusion!

Stucco cracks lead to water intrusion!

We have been called out several times to homes that we inspected, told the buyer of the cracks and that they need to be sealed, especially around windows and within a year they call saying they have water intrusion.  They are upset because with ALL their construction knowledge this cannot be the cause, it has to be something bigger and worse! Read the rest of this entry

Wind Testing Your House

Wind Testing Your House

This is a good way to test your house for wind problems within the Florida region.  Many items are not obvious to the eye until they are looked and and evaluated.  This is a short film where you can inspect your own home and determine the action needed to ensure the house is in good overall condition for high winds. Read the rest of this entry

Dishwasher Won’t Fill?

Dishwasher Won’t Fill?

If your dishwasher does not fill with water, one of the simple reasons could be a stuck flood float valve. Here is a video from the manufacturer, giving directions on one quick step in trying to repair the problem.

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