7 Tips For Your Upcoming Move

7 Tips For Your Upcoming Move

Moving into a new home is a very exciting time that can often be overshadowed by the stress of actually packing up and moving. Here are 5 great tips to keep stress low and excitement high for your upcoming move.

1. Make A List
Making a list is the absolute first and foremost thing you should do for a move. Going by room, list items you cannot pack right away but know you need to take with you, such as an armoire or even a mirror. Additionally, utilize lists to keep track of what you are able to pack immediately. Categorize by room and write down the items you pack and in which corresponding box number they can be found, assuming you need multiple boxes for one room.

2. Color Code, Label, and Number Everything
Piggybacking off of list making, color-coding, labeling, and numbering boxes by room will make your life infinitely easier. Using your list to keep track of how many boxes you’ve packed for that particular room, you’ll know exactly what you have and what you may be missing when it comes time to unpack. Additionally, using a color-coding system can make the box sorting process much more efficient. For example, boxes designated for the kitchen can be marked with yellow tape, and blue for the main bathroom. Be sure to place the color-coordinated tape near the box number to ensure the most efficient sorting.

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3. Pack Items You’ll Need Right Away In Clear Bins
In order to avoid the hassle of digging through boxes, pack everything you know you’ll need right away, such as box cutters, cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, in clear storage boxes.

4. Pack Baskets, Luggage and Home Storage Boxes To Cut Down on Cardboard Boxes
To maximize your storage potential and minimize the number of cardboard boxes you’ll need to purchase, pack your items using home storage totes, luggage, and laundry baskets. Use baskets and home storage boxes to hold lighter items, and use suitcases for heavier items such as books.

5. Vacuum-Seal Linens and Out of Season Clothing
You’d be surprised by how much space you can save while packing by vacuum-sealing the air out of clothing and linens! Vacuum-sealing these items makes it much easier to pack and store in your new home. For all in-season clothing, simply take the items out of your closet, keeping them on the hanger, and place them into a trash bag for protection. When you arrive at your new home, you can simply hang up your clothing as is.

6. Use Clothing & Socks For Extra Cushioning for Breakable Items
Bubble wrap can be expensive and running out to buy more can be a hassle. Instead, utilize extra towels, hand cloths, and even socks to pack glasses, stemware, and other fragile items.

7. Pack A Bag Containing Your Essentials
Chances are after your move you’ll be exhausted and unable to unpack everything you need right away. To save yourself the stress of feeling unprepared, pack an overnight bag with your essential toiletries and a change of clothes so you can easily start the next day. You can also pack your electronics in this bag, such as a laptop or an iPad, which run the risk of being stolen or even broken during a move.

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