Buying Real Estate 101

Buying Real Estate 101

When is the right time to buy real estate? Well that all depends upon what your purpose is. Are you buying real estate for your personal residence or as an investment property? If you are buying as a personal residence, your motives are quite different, and you should be thinking about your needs. Timing may be an issue, but hopefully it is not the motivating factor as your dream home may be over looked in your haste.

Home-Buying-101 property guidingIf you are looking to buy real estate as an investment, you will definitely be looking for a return on your investment. This may be in the form of appreciation and/or rental income. If you’re like me, you don’t like to see non-performing assets. Who wants to sink their hard earned money into something that is going to lose money? NO ONE!

So, take your time and choose wisely. Don’t jump at the first deal that comes your way. Don’t let anyone sell you a “GREAT DEAL”. I’ve seen countless people lose a great deal of money on a “Great Deal” in real estate.

Lastly, before you ever buy a piece of real estate, you need to begin educating yourself. Remember, it’s your money. Do you want to walk into a bad deal when it could have been prevented? Of course not.

This is another great reason you should only deal with very reputable realtors. Those who have your very best interests in mind and who take the time to hear what your needs are.

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