Florida’s New Foreclosure Law!

Florida’s New Foreclosure Law!

On July 1, 2013, Florida’s New Foreclosure Law went into effect. The new law is supposed to provide a streamlined process for foreclosure cases. There will be less hearings (supposedly), and foreclosures that have been hanging around for years will be whipped through the system.

FL Foreclosure LawThere is no reason to argue over the constitutionality of the bill right now, as it is the law of Florida until it is declared unconstitutional. Therefore, we have been working diligently to prepare for the first case that walks through our doors. There are a few things that consumers can say, are friendly to them; however, the entire bill is slanted toward the banks and mortgage companies. I know you are shocked that the state of Florida elected officials would put a slanted bill on the Governor’s desk, but it’s true. Now, we as your attorneys are going to hold the banks and mortgage companies feet to the fire. We intend to continue holding them to the letter of the law. It is more important than ever to see an attorney if you are expecting or have just received foreclosure papers. Why?
To read more about how Florida’s new foreclosure law affects you or for more information on foreclosure proceedings visit us HERE.

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