3 Helpful Things All Homebuyers Should Know

3 Helpful Things All Homebuyers Should Know

For most Americans, buying a house is the single biggest purchase we will ever make.  While most people like to believe they know something about real estate or their local real estate market, very few actually do.  With that being said, there are a few things all homebuyers should know going into their big purchase.

1. Buyers Property GuidingHumans and Homes are very similar; they both have issues.

You are not going to walk into any home and find that everything is as it should be and in perfect working order.  This is why home inspections are performed.  Most home inspection reports are around 50 pages long, depending on the property and the issues found with the property and most will have detailed photos of all problems.  While there are times that a home inspection can turn up some deal breaking problems that the homeowner didn’t even know about, most of the issues addressed in the report are simple and inexpensive fixes.

2. Your Realtor is Your Advisor and Partner

When deciding on which real estate agent to use you should interview a few to see which one you feel more comfortable with and which one you think will do the best job.  Find out how each one of them communicate with their clients whether it be through phone, email, text or something else and see if you are comfortable with that line of communication.  Being a realtor isn’t just another sales job.  They are negotiating for you and advising you throughout the entire process. And remember you are not the only one they advise!

3. Is this a good Investment?

Most people are so excited to make their first home purchase and anxious to move in that they sometimes forget to think about selling the property.  When purchasing a home, you need to think about how hard it would be to sell the home when the time comes for you to move on.  For example, what if you had to relocate for your job or you come across some financial troubles?  You wouldn’t want the house to sit for several months before selling.  Make sure you are in a good location.

The majority of adults in the U.S. will purchase at least one house in their lifetime.  Don’t make the same mistakes a lot of people make and think you know everything there is to know about a real estate transaction.  If you follow these few simple pieces of advice, you could save yourself a lot of headaches down the road.

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