Stucco cracks lead to water intrusion!

Stucco cracks lead to water intrusion!

We have been called out several times to homes that we inspected, told the buyer of the cracks and that they need to be sealed, especially around windows and within a year they call saying they have water intrusion.  They are upset because with ALL their construction knowledge this cannot be the cause, it has to be something bigger and worse!

Sorry to say, water knows no friends and discriminates against no one!  Ensure the window sills are properly caulked and sealed and ensure you are NOT covering weep holes intended to shed water or you will create a whole different problem.  If you are not sure about what you are doing, call a trained professional to have this performed.

Below is a case and point…buyer called 1 year after the inspection and said his window was leaking and we missed a problem.  His report clearly stated the window was leaking and to have it repaired by a professional.  Armed with information he decided to ignore it because that COULD NOT be the problem it had to be something else, something more significant!  Well it wasn’t.  Below are the minor cracks that are present and the Thermal Infrared Pictures of what happen with 15 minutes of water lightly applied to the window sill!

Simply put, if you don’t want water in the house, properly seal the entry point!

Tack strip is gone from a long period of water intrusion (almost 1 year)

More of the damage from a long period of water intrusion

See that little crack at the right corner…that little crack and a few more like it caused this entire problem.

Thermal Infrared pictures showing that the water intrusion was active and spread throughout the entire baseboard area.

CAULK or SEAL the cracks and perimeters of windows to prevent water intrusion!  This is a maintenance item that needs continual observation and maintenance.  Without a proper seal water intrusion can occur at any time!

We have one of the areas most knowledgeable window and door specialists on staff.  In Florida this knowledge is imperative!

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