Home Selling Checklist

Title Junction LogoHome Selling Checklist:

Provide closing agent with a copy of final purchase offer, your Abstract of Title, property survey, deed, most recent tax receipts, and any other documents pertinent to your sale.
If an appraisal is required, allow the appraiser easy access to the property.  Determine if the buyer or lender require additional repairs or escrows.  If repairs are required, once they are complete, have the lender and buyer re-inspect.
Review the Home Inspection Report with the buyer and resolve all inspection issues.
Contact a moving company to get an estimate and reserve a moving date.
Get a copy of the Buyer’s Commitment letter and have the lender fax a copy to your closing agent.
If you have an existing mortgage or home equity loan, call your lender to obtain the final payoff amounts.
Contact your closing agent to find out the exact date, time, and location of your closing.
Pay all final utility bills (telephone, sewer, cable, water, propane, electric, gas, etc.)
Cancel property insurance after your property has sold and take out a new insurance policy on your new property.
Have your mail and any other subscriptions (newspaper, magazine, etc.) forwarded to your new address.
Locate all important papers and leave them in the house for the buyer (appliance manuals, home warranties, survey, security codes, etc.).
Having a final cleaning performed prior to buyer’s final walk through.  Have the garbage taken out and all personal items removed from the house, basement, attic, and storage sheds.
Schedule an appointment with the buyer for the final walk through inspection.
Bring keys, garage door openers, and any money that needs to be collected to closing.

 Here at Title Junction we want to help you organize what you need to get to the closing table.
Call us today @ 239-415-6574 so we can walk you through your home buying experience!!

Or find us on the web at http://www.title-junction.com

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