Should You Buy a New Home or a Resale?

Should You Buy a New Home or a Resale?

When you are ready to start house hunting, you may want to consider new home construction so as to broaden your options. There will be many opinions as to whether a new home or a resale home is better. Let’s look at a comparison:

New Homes

  • For a newly constructed home, you will have the option to customize upfront which would include kitchen appliances, flooring, counter tops, color-scheme, and possibly alternative floor plans.
  • There is less maintenance to worry about because all materials are new.
  • The materials used are less of a health risk compared to older constructed homes that were built prior to 1970 in which you have to worry about lead-based paint.
  • Most homebuilders provide a home warranty in the event of defects as well as warranties on your individual appliances.
  • New homes are usually prewired for the latest technology such as surround sound speakers, high speed internet, multiple phone lines, and cable home vs resale property guiding
  • New homes are built with added security in mind such as burglar systems.
  • New homes tend to be energy efficient in design. They have better windows, insulation, and more efficient heating and cooling systems.

If you want a more modern look, a new home is the way to go. The master suites tend to be larger in size as well as the kitchen which is always going to be your selling point. And if you want to purchase something that is clean, untouched, and undamaged, then a new home is your best fit.

Resale Homes

  • The beauty of resale homes is that they are older and more likely near the metro areas so your city commute is closer.
  • If you are the DIY person and like to do renovation projects, then resale homes is your best fit. Resale homes tend to have larger lots and larger secondary bedrooms.
  • The neighborhoods are established and you don’t have to worry about extra levies such as Mello-Roos for the new construction of streets, traffic lights, and libraries.
  • Mature landscaping adds to the charm of resale homes as well as traditional and more custom looks.
  • Buyers tend to have more negotiation power with resale homes than new homes as new home builders tend to be set on price but may throw in extra incentives.
  • Taxes and closing costs may differ between new homes and resale homes.

As you can see, there are many advantages to both resale homes and new homes; the choice is yours…

By Guest Blogger: Demetria Adams (

Realtor® | SWFL Region
The PELL Team Leader
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