Lee County Property Tax Calculator

Lee County Property Tax Calculator

This Tax Estimator is a tool for prospective home buyers for estimating what the taxes will be on a particular piece of property. As with any such tool we are making assumptions about the future nature of the real estate market and what tax rates will be assessed by the various taxing authorities in Lee County. Please note the following:

  1. The sales price of an individual property does not directly affect the assessed value used to calculate taxes. Rather, the sales of like properties throughout the year as well as other statistical and valuation methods are used to create the assessed value. As long as the Estimated Sales Price entered is a reflection of the market, the assessed value used in the calculation will be a reasonable estimate for this purpose.
  2. Likewise, if the Estimated Sales Price is significantly lower or higher than what other similar properties have sold for the results of the calculation will not be a reasonable estimate.
  3. Typically, real estate transactions include costs such as real estate agent fees. When sales are used as part of determining assessed values an adjustment is made for those fees. For this Estimator we used 90% of the entered sales price to establish an assessed value. Your actual assessed value to sales price ratio may be higher or lower than this amount.
  4. The actual tax rate used to calculate property taxes is set every year by the various taxing authorities in Lee County. Historically tax rates have fluctuated within a fairly narrow range. For the purposes of this Estimator we use the tax rate from the immediately previous tax year. The actual tax rate may differ based on the decisions made by those taxing authorities.

Property Tax Calculator

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