12 Reasons Why All Titles Should Be Insured

12 Reasons Property Guiding

1. By insuring the title you can eliminate delays and technicalities when passing your title on to someone else.

2. A deed or title in the chain of title may be a forgery.

3. A deed or mortgage may have been signed by a person under age.

4. Each title insurance policy we write is paid up, in full by the first premium.

5. Title insurance helps speed negotiations when you are ready to sell.

6. A deed or a mortgage may have been signed by an insane person or one otherwise not competent.

7. Unless you have the title insured, you cannot be sure you will never suffer loss through title disputes after buying or lending on real estate.

8. The testator of a will might have had a child born after the execution of a will, a fact that would entitle the child to claim his or her share of the property.

9. A will may have been revoked by the testator after its execution.

10. An heir or other person presumed dead may appear and recover the property or an interest therein.

11. A conveyance by an heir-at-law of a person supposed to have died without a valid will may be defeated by subsequent discovery and probate of a will.

12. A deed or a mortgage may have been made under a power of attorney after the death of the principal and could therefore, be void.

Title Junction is a full service real estate title company serving the area of Fort Myers, Cape Coral and the entire state of Florida since 2005. The company handles a number of real estate title services for both commercial and residential properties. Employees of Title Junction can also act as a witness in courtesy closings as well as an escrow agent or a notary public. Please contact Jennifer Ferri of Title Junction, LLC for further information @ 239-415-6574 or www.title-junction.com.

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