How do I get a re-issue rate (discount) on my title insurance?

The requirements to obtain the re-issue or reduced rate for your title insurance (in Florida) are pretty straight forward.  You only need your prior title policy for the identical land involved in the current transaction, so long as you are the person on title. The reissue rates are described out below.  You are entitled to the reissue rate whether the new transaction is insured by the prior insurer or a new insurer. For a sale/purchase the policy must be within 3 years to date, for a refinance the policy never expires for a discount!

Title Insurance Reissue Rates

The Florida Administrative Code sets the premium for title insurance policies issued within 3 years of a previous policy (for sales/purchase) at:

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  • $3.30 per thousand for policies up to $100,000
  • $3.00 per thousand for policies over $100,000 and up to $1 million
  • $2.00 per thousand for policies over $1 million and up to $10 million
  • $1.50 per thousand for policies over $10 million

In order to qualify for these rates, the title agent must include proof of the previous title insurance policy.  Failure to include the proof of prior coverage  within 3 years could result in the title insurance agent and agency being found to have violated Subsection 627.780(1), Florida Statutes, for quoting, charging, collecting or accepting a premium for title insurance that is other than the premium promulgated by the Florida Administrative Code.

If you are interested in knowing what your title insurance premium will be please contact a professional at Title Junction and we will provide you with a rate quote. Call us at 239-415-6574 or find us on the web at

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