Developing Family Heirlooms, traditions and Values Heirloom

Developing Family Heirlooms, traditions and Values Heirloom: A valued possession passed down in a family through succeeding generations, something of special value handed on from one generation to another, an object that has been in a family for generations.

family heirlooms property guidingFamily Heirlooms, We all have them in one form or another, works of art, collectible stamps, coins, favorite baseball cards, old pictures, great grand mothers recipes, and on and on.  Credit rating is one item never on the list, not really talked about, Not valued greatly until its needed yet consider very valuable to have, held in high regard in some families, passed on and in some and never spoke of in others.

Keeping a heightened awareness and good management of our Credit and Credit standings require attention to your budget and tie closely to Systematic Saving. What escapes most is the responsible management of credit and credit standing, how to get it, how to keep it, how to care for it, how to improve it and the value it really holds to each of us and to the generations to follow.   Many are lost at the basic’s of how to keep it in shape or how to fix it.  Give it a thought to have a talk with your family members and make the effort to pass an heirloom to the next generation.

There are plenty of rumors and everyone has an answer but we highly recommend you get some advise from a professional especially if you plan to make a major purchase of a Home or Car. Teach the principles of savings, starting with pennies nickels and dimes, by the young members of your family in their piggy bank and help them start and learn about a bank account, many banks offer special accounts for minors. Teach systematic accumulation of savings and wealth.

Learn to budget and show your children that the basic come first and the rest will fall into place, not everything needs to be owned now, planning and saving for goals is not a bad thing. Be Responsibility to bills and expenses, “the economy” has been the excuse to many for walking away from debts and obligations but the time has come to turn, repair and recover, debts my seem overwhelming, impossible that they ever could be paid, but steady payments and some negotiation may surprise you and can work to solve seemingly impossible tasks, talk to the creditor work out a plan affordable to your budget. You may be able to avoid collections and other negative notations on your credit report.

Understand your own credit so you can help your children’s with theirs. Learn what is reported what is not, on time payments are the #1 goal.   How many of you know of some one make a statement they don’t want any credit accounts or credit card, they run and hide their eyes at the thought, it speaks of lack of responsible management, fearing that their human nature may take over, lack of control will win out and useless sale items will mysteriously mound up in the corner and debts will abound.  Credit improvement advice is free, with modest effort, with little or no expense we can start you, your family and friends on the right tract for credit score improvement and into home ownership.

Our Credit Improvement Program has helped hundreds of Family’s.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me- Kara Holleran, Genesis Lending Group 239-246-6000.

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