Tales from Title Junction

There are times in life, that it just can’t be all business. Everyone needs a good laugh to get through some days. So we are going to start sharing some good humor stories from the title world!

It was time for a closing, but something outside our window caught our attention first! There was a woman walking about, yes that is usually a normal occurrence, but here is what caught our attention; the bird attached to her shoulder, it was huge! Then in walked our male client and we guided him into the closing room. He laid all his belongings down, including a bag and stated to us, “Don’t touch any of this, I have a gun in my bag”.

Really?! Did he just say that?! OMG!! Who brings a gun to a closing? And who announces it!!

He then proceeds to go back outside to get his wife, who just happens to be the lady walking around with the HUGE bird! They both come back into our office and into the closing room and take a seat. The bird perches on the edge of the table. We then begin to start the closing…

The bird then just starts pacing back and forth; all the while I am trying to get signatures and explain what they were signing. Then all of a sudden, the bird decides to make his presence known! He begins to start flapping his wings, squawking loudly and decides to come straight at me down the length of the table! Needless to say, I jumped out of my chair and told them that the bird needed to go.parrot property guiding

 That night I went out and bought a new sign for our front door…no animals property guiding

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