The “One-Sheet” that EVERY home buyer needs!

These days it seems like every house you view needs some kind of work.  You view home after home and as you walk through the $$$ just keeps piling up in your head.  The problem is, most home buyers don’t actually take the extra step and sit down to write accurate estimates of what repairs/upgrades would cost.  I’ve seen buyers time and time again say, “this property just needs too much work!” without even doing their research.  This is where my handy-dandy “one-sheet” comes in!  Every buyer should be equipped with this as you’re viewing homes.  This will help you make a more educated decision when finding the home that’s right for you.  Enjoy!
Repair Cost Estimates Property Guiding

Keep in mind that all of these prices are “estimates” AND pay close attention because some of the prices are per square foot.  So, you may come in a littler lower or higher than these numbers, but this will give you a great jump start.  Print & make as many copies as you’d like for the next time you’re touring homes!

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