Landlord – Tenant Rental Checklist

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, the Rental Checklist is an equally important responsibility of both parties.  Upon move-in and move-out, the property should be in the same condition for each process.  It’s imperative that all parties on the executed rental agreement are present during the walk through.  Each party must sign the checklist for move-in and move-out to ensure there are no uncertainties and everyone is on the same page.  Below is a sample generic Landlord-Tenant Rental Checklist.  You can find a formal checklist through a licensed real estate agent or Property Management Company.

Rental Checklist Property Guiding

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  1. I found this article while researching for my own blog. Nice Post!

  2. Hi Kristen,
    I must agree with you on the importance of going through an inventory or checklist when moving into a property. The biggest dispute in rentals is on the condition of a property and with holding of a tenants security deposit. If only tenants and landlords educated themselves correctly and used simple docs like this it would be a big improvement. Thanks for sharing.

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