Why is Southwest Florida a great place to live?

Does there really need to be an explanation?  It’s funny when I interact with out-of-state buyers that are “on the fence” about moving.  I get comments like, “Well, we’re just going to come look” or “It may take a few trips over the next year or so to truly make a decision”.  It doesn’t take long once they step foot off that plane! 

There’s a ton of history in Fort Myers, more miles of canals than anywhere in Cape Coral and a luxurious atmosphere in Naples.  Let’s not forget THE WEATHER!  Bottom line, Southwest Florida IS paradise.  So, it’s not difficult to make up your mind when choosing to live here.  Do you want to feel like you’re on a permanent vacation?  Then, decision made!  We’ve got it all here.   We even have the facts to back it up:  No state income tax, Average home price of $108,000, Low Cost of Living and Great Air Quality!

I have a friend that said he moved here to become a “professional sunbather”.  Well, after that drained his bank account he finally got a job, but he still makes a part-time job out of sunbathing…and golfing…and swimming…and the list goes on!  So, the summers are a bit humid, but hey, I can live with that if I’m getting 9 months of perfection the rest of the year!  Even if you don’t want to spend all your time on the beautiful Southwest Florida beaches, there are a ton of other fun stuff to do.  Check out some of these websites:



http://island.ezinemark.com/top-100-interesting-things-in-southwest-florida-5110ee0fb3d.html <–This one will make you laugh!

Need some help while you’re here?  Although I’m not a tour guide, I can certainly show you how to make this amazing getaway your permanent home!  So, picture yourself with a tropical drink in hand, toes in the sand, and give me a call!

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239.292.9404 (c) | kristen@kristenpell.com
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