Time to get off the Fence

If you have been kicking around the idea of purchasing a home in the Fort Myers, Lee county area the time is now! Many prospective homeowners have been researching the area waiting for the right time to buy. With all the media attention our area has received the last few years, everyone is waiting for the “bottom price”. Well now is the time! We ARE at the bottom! Our areas was just named the “Market that saw the biggest jump included a 28 percent increase in Fort Myers Florida.“ All signs say now is the time. Lender’s have made purchasing a second home easier- with the use of mortgage insurance again you can do as little as 10% down payment. Investment loans are available with 20% down payment. If you have watched the area the last few years and kicked around the idea of purchasing- WAIT NO MORE! With interest rates still at all time lows, lender’s relaxing their guidelines on homes/condo’s, and inventory being reduced- wait NO more.
Don’t believe me?  Check out this article:  http://money.cnn.com/2012/05/29/real_estate/home-prices/index.htm
It tells you that home prices are at their lowest since 2002 and that house-flipping is making a comeback!  Please contact us to help find your dream home and mortgage options before it’s to late. Kara Holleran- Genesis Lending 239-246-6000

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